Книга Microsoft Word 2010 Bible

Microsoft Word 2010 Bible Литература по Microsoft Office
Microsoft Word 2010 Bible Название: Microsoft Word 2010 Bible
Автор: Herb Tyson
Издательство: Wiley Publishing, Inc
ISBN: 978−0-470−59184−0
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 987
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 16.8 Мб
Описание Microsoft Word 2010 от Microsoft MVP Herb Tyson. Описаны все самые востребованные функции, описывается как получить максимум от Microsoft Word 2010 In-depth guidance on Word 2010 from a Microsoft MVP: Microsoft Word 2010 arrives with many changes and improvements, and this comprehensive guide from Microsoft MVP Herb Tyson is your expert, one-stop resource for it all. Master Words new features such as a new interface and customized Ribbon, major new productivity-boosting collaboration tools, how to publish directly to blogs, how to work with XML, and much more. Follow step-by-step instructions and best practices, avoid pitfalls, discover practical workarounds, and get the very most out of your new Word 2010 with this packed guide. Coverage includes: Making Word Work for You The X Files: Understanding and Using Word New File Format Make It Stop! Cures and Treatments for Word Top Annoyances Word on the Street Formatting 101: Font/Character Formatting Paragraph Formatting In Style! The Clipboard Find, Replace, and Go To Writing Tools Language Tools Building Blocks and Quick Parts AutoCorrect AutoFormat Action Options (What Happened to Smart Tags?) Tables Pictures and SmartArt Headers and Footers Symbols and Equations WordArt Charts Inserting Objects and Files Page Setup and Sections Textboxes and Other Shapes Columns Publishing as PDF and XPS Blogging and Publishing as HTML Templates and Themes Bookmarks Tables of Contents Footnotes, Endnotes, Citations, and Bibliography Captions and Tables of Captioned Items Indexing Tables of Authorities Hyperlinks and Cross-References Data Sources Envelopes and Labels Data Documents and Mail Merge Forms Keyboard Customization The Quick Access Toolbar The Ribbon Options and Settings Macros: Recording, Editing, and Using Security, Tracking, and Comments Comparing and Combining Collaborative Documents SharePoint and SkyDrive SharePoint Workspace Integration with Other Office ApplicationsDiscover all the changes and improvements to Word 2010 and start using them to full effect with the Word 2010 Bible!

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